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Millionaire-TrackMillionaire Track

Millionaire Track has been designed to get you on track and keep you on track to be a million dollar business owner. If you own your business, this is the course that will propel you, giving you a solid base from which to spring forward!

You absolutely need 5 business elements to be successful, and you will learn and work on all of them within the course. Part of the offering includes post course coaching to put into practice what you have learned. We have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and service professionals from the financial, medical/dental, law, entertainment, design, health, contracting, retail, hospitality fields, and on and on.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Do you want to build a sustainable business?
Do you want to be the leader of your company?
Did you lose the joy of running your business and want to regain it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Millionaire Track, the program for entrepreneurs, is built just for you! This stimulating program brings big business discipline and know-how to help your small businesses succeed.

The Course Design
The Millionaire Track course includes 6 total, 2-hour tele-seminars. The course includes business materials, books and post-course coaching.

The topics covered are:
Sales Marketing
Time Management
Financial and Personal Well-Being

When you enroll in Millionaire Track, you will learn winning strategies to:
Transform your passion into a solid business plan
Expand your marketing skills
Attract your perfect clients
Sharpen your focus on strategic issues
Energize your business and your personal life

Start Date: TBA
$997 Course Only
$1997 with 3 Coaching Sessions
Payment Plan: TBA

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Millionaire-clubThe Millionaire Club

Millionaire Club Course for Millionaire Businesses
The Millionaire Club is the platinum course offered at The Essential Entrepreneur. To become a member of this elite group, your business must make over $1,000,000 in gross revenue receipts.

The Course Design
The Millionaire Club is a one year program with with a 5 live session workshop and a full individual coaching package. One of the session’s venues is in an exquisite destination site. The main components of the course are: Boardroom, Mastermind and Course Information/ Distinctions. The participants receive the best combination of coaching, information, accountability, feedback and active listening on the part of their colleagues in the course.

$20,000; Paid in full, best value
Payment Plan: $5,000 deposit, 5 payments of $3,200 recurring payment every 30 days.

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vacation courseVacation Course

TBD for Fall 2016
Last year’s Vacation Course took place in sunny Cancun, Mexico. What if you could transform “the press” of the day to the ease of a luxury vacation? Lorenda will teach you simple techniques to do just that. It will be a vacation of a lifetime, that will last a lifetime!

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Leadership-WorkshopJoy & Profit in Leadership

Join us in a live, 4 hour course on Leadership.. If you are a business owner, you are a leader! Learn how to be a more successful leader and business owner through the foundation of Joy and Profit. We will dispel some of the old myths of leadership, and create new principles that fit into today’s business practices. Using the structure of Joy and Profit will enhance your understanding and practical use of being a leader. And, in turn your business will thrive as your leadership capacity grows.

Investment: $125

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