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Lorenda Phillips, Business CoachLorenda’s Coaching Track Record

For more than 18 years, Lorenda has coached thousands of corporate executives and entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary success. Now it’s your turn. Lorenda will help you solve your business problems and achieve your business and personal goals. In her coaching sessions, she listens carefully, holds you accountable for your actions, and provides the tools, support and structure you need to achieve astounding results.

When you work with Lorenda, you will develop strategies to attract your perfect clients, overcome barriers to your success and resolve past failures.

You will eliminate unproductive work habits and behaviors, improve communication, create balance and find more joy in your work.

Premium Coaching

Coaching works. Ask the best athletes. Ask the top executives in business today. Go to Fast Company, Business Week or Money magazine, and they will all tell you that it works. Coaching provides an unbiased, objective partner to help you identify your goals, build on your strengths, and develop a focused plan of action.

Scheduling Your Coaching Sessions

Call 424-293-8886 to set up an appointment. There will be a “getting to know you” period. Once you commit to working with Lorenda, she will schedule a regular time to talk. If possible, you will host the first coaching session at your place of business. Subsequent sessions take place via the telephone.

Coaching for the Entrepreneur

Work with Lorenda to create a plan that’s a blueprint for your business. Shift from “doing” your business to managing your business. Examine where the fun went and restore balance to your work and your life.
Entrepreneurs Learn to:

  • Break bad habits and make good ones
  • Create marketing strategies that naturally attract clients
  • Establish an organizational structure to enhance effectiveness, increase productivity and reduce stress

Coaching for the Executive:

Lorenda provides a confidential sounding board for executive concerns. She holds you accountable for your commitments to yourself and your organization. She offers tactical to-do’s to keep you on course. When you hire Lorenda as your executive coach, your team will increase their creativity and problem solving skills.
Executives Learn to:

  • Sharpen their leadership skills
  • Recruit and retain good employees
  • Assess management and employee strengths and limitations
  • Plan strategically for succession and transitions

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