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Testimonials & Case Studies


Lorenda Phillips of The Essential Entrepreneur is a top notch Business Coach!  She has shown me how to grow as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner and continuously challenges me so that I get the results I want and reach the goals I set!  She holds me accountable like no other, is an excellent source of encouragement, and her advice is golden.

Since I hired her as my Business Coach, I have grown my Real Estate Business substantially, completed tasks that have been pending on my “to do” list for years, and have put crucial systems in place that are priceless to my business.  Without Lorenda, I undoubtedly would have stayed stuck in my same old habits.  Lorenda has challenged me to take a good look at my business, where I want to take it, and how I plan to get there. As a result of her commitment to my business, Verde Realty is thriving!  I am so excited to see where I go in the future with Lorenda as my Coach!  Thanks Lorenda!

I highly recommend Lorenda to anyone searching for an experienced, enthusiastic, qualified Business Coach who is truly invested in and dedicated to growing their clients’ businesses!

– Erika M., Santa Monica, CA (Yelp Review)

Lorenda is absolutely one of the most committed, dedicated and authentic people I have ever met, not to mention being an amazing business coach. She’s helped me get organized, grow my business and is a source of inspiration and resources. Working with her has me on track, focused and enthusiastic about where I’m taking my business. I’d recommend her to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business effectively and have fun while doing it.

- Deb D. Los Angeles, CA (Yelp Review)

For those in need to figure out where their business is going, and how they will work with the changing market that has thrown the yellow pages out the window, Lorenda is able to give a business owner the big picture!

She will guide the business owner in what proper direction to take, and map out a cookbook for their business, so that they have all systems properly running so that  growth and not bleeding, can be accomplished.

I highly recommend her services to anyone that is competent enough to appreciate them!

- Omer S. Beverly Hills, CA  (Yelp Review)

I enrolled in Structures for Success because it was highly recommended to me but I was unsure how much I would actually take away because I attended USC’s Marshall School of Business, one of the best programs worldwide, and I read a good amount of business books on my own. The experience far exceeded anything I could have hoped for, spending three days working through the program with Lorenda there to guide me and having other business owners there to bounce ideas off of was by far the most valuable time I have put into my photography business. I was able to nail down what I truly want out of my business both in the short and long term and she provided me with the tools and structure to get me there.

– Abran Rubiner, Photographer West Los Angeles

Lorenda was informative and inspiring.
Her presentation of It’s A Wonderful (LA County) Life allowed participants to share some of the most difficult situations they’ve encountered, as well as their greatest achievements… A moving presentation.

– Linda C. Hopkins, Chair, Los Angeles County Personnel Officers Committee

Lorenda is such a pleasure to work with. Her business coaching has helped me tremendously. Lorenda’s experienced, strong and clear message has helped me clarify next steps with clients, projects and operations.  Almost every goal that we put down on paper in our first meeting has manifested in a short period of time.  A call with Lorenda is like fuel for me and my business.

- Alexis Collins Schuster, Owner of ACEvents

While I participated in Structures for Success, I not only doubled my business, I had more time to spend with my family and friends.  The course material, the structure of the program and the other participants were very valuable and contributed to my success.

– Sam McCullough of Interiors Made eezzy, Culver City

I just wanted to tell you how much I am getting out of the Structures for Success course. I finally feel like a real entrepreneur, focusing on working ON my business, rather than in it. With your guidance I have been able to set and achieve so many goals and I am actually starting to see the fruits of my labors. You truly are the best business coach in LA! Thank you.

– Annie Pinsker-Brown, Stage to Sell, Culver City

Case Studies:
(All the Case Studies are true and kept confidential.)

Personal Stylist:   Focus on Profitability

A very popular high end personal stylist, selling his products and services,  was concerned about his profitability. We worked on his product margins and overall business expenses.  Almost immediately he saved 15% per month in cost reductions. He also shifted his focus on the most profitable part of the business, his services, and as a result his Gross Income increased too.

Attorney:  Happiness at Work

This attorney loved the law, but disliked the day to day work. He felt he was burnt out.  However, he had spent years building up his practice, had a growing family who depended on him.  He felt unhappy and boxed in with no way out.   We identified and worked on 5 key points that made him happy at work and in his personal life.  We focused on developing happiness habits, and eventually he was more joyful, working on what he was committed to working on.  In six months he produced more, spent more time with his family, and had more time to develop himself.

Chiropractor:  Wanted to grow exponentially

This sole proprietor chiropractor began her business with a small roster of clients.  We identified her perfect client and where that client went, read, and message that would attract him/her.  We created a sales and marketing campaign with the research done, and tracked specific measureable results.  In 6 months she tripled her business.  We tweaked the campaign and ran it with a bigger investment, and in 1 year she made 5 times what she made at the beginning of the campaign.  She moved into a larger facility, and had over 10 people working for her.

CPA:  Keeping it clean to sell more

This business owner was known for his competency as a CPA but was losing clients. He hired us to help him identify and solve the problem, and help him get to the income levels he once was at.  We surveyed his current clientele and visited his office.  We noticed something immediately and the survey results confirmed that his lack of organization and the piles of papers circling his desk was not acceptable.  Not only was it messy and not attractive, the clients felt that he was not handling their taxes in a careful, thoughtful manner.  He did not have a system for consistently handling billing or other client support/reminders.  We created systems that provided more organization.  The piles were eliminated. An assistant was hired to administer and generate referrals from the existing data base, offering referral bonuses to those willing to refer.  Within one year he exceeded his previous business income, and was hiring another CPA to pick up the additional work.

Construction:  Accountability

This family owned company was divided by three family members and a new member came on board.  They called us to help them with the transition, it had not gone smoothly.  We worked primarily on accountability and communication.  The new organizational chart was a reflection of what was actual, not what they wish it to be.  Those who said they had a certain accountability, were then responsible for that position’s output.  The culture, the accountability and responsibility shifted.  We created a “no gossip policy and created open meetings for authentic, committed communication could take place.  The company became a joyful, honorable, productive place to work for the owners and the staff.  The customer satisfaction surveys went from a three star to a four-five star rating.

Restaurant:  Innovation that makes sense

A multi-location restaurant business owner wanted to create some innovations to boost business growth.  He read in Fast Company that companies who were innovative, usually were successful.  He came to us to help him create innovations.  We found he had no problem creating new ideas, and even implementing them, trouble was some of the innovations hurt the company and impacted his growth!  We introduced the idea of successfully testing his ideas before implementing.  We found most of the ideas did not pass his newly created litmus test; those ideas were never implemented.  In 6 months, some of the new machines (that had a big price tag), did produce more as expected.  His staff was able to measure the difference, and found the machine paid for itself in 18 months.  The machines are still being used without a hitch, and it has been 10 years—and counting!

Dentist:  Making a difference through systems development

A multi-dentist practice was frustrated by the many promises made to increase patient numbers from consultants that never came true.  Before we signed a contract we surveyed the practice:  dentists, staff and patients, to identify if we could make a difference.   We saw immediately that if the staff roles changed slightly, if there was a system of follow up with the patients, and the implementation of a few changes, they could see about $10,000 more in a few months.  By the time we worked with the group for a year, dentists, staff and the profits of the practice… all were increased.  The next year they bought new equipment and paid off old.  Patients gladly referred their friends and family. Everyone in the office was for more patients and taking care of all of them with exception customer service.  In 2.5 years, the practice was transformed.